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my latest research projects


I simply can't stop my curiosity in learning how to build various apparatus for all kinds of purposes. I am incredibly happy to be part of this Maker Generation in which most of the tools i need are easily available on the market. Everything else we build ourselves :)


I believe there is no better way to learn something than actually making it yourself, if possible. Going through research and than the development to end up with a usable device is priceless.


01Water Generator

..a concept design for a personal desktop potable water condenser/filter/sterilizer

After the water restrictions started in Sao Paulo, i decided to try and build a drinkable water generator
A set of external filters and a UV sterilizer allow filtering of condensed or rain water.


Embarking on a Sensor design project

It all started from a Open Source Project, and evolved into something much more amazing..
I learned a lot about electronics and Python during this adventure,
and it all payed out in all sorts of ways.

03Plant Bio-Sensor

Interaction with Plants Research

Since the Somos Terra project in 2011 i kept comming back to this project and trying to learn more.
I still dont know enough even to understand it properly, but as it happens, that only increases my interest in something.


Retro Gaming Console based on a Raspberry Pi

Nostalgic for my old gaming systems, i decided to build up on top some open source code and create my own
multi-system console. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi B+ and allows emulation of various systems in their
original code glory.

05Not Too Close Not Too Far

Installation Concept

Windows Shop installation that opens and closes a double set of blinds as people aproach it from each side.
Sensors track people in front of the installation, and rotate the venetian blinds depending on the distance.